Legal Paternity Test

Name : Legal Paternity Test

Price : $$620-$720

DNA testing is synonymous with paternity/parentage testing and other kinship scenarios.  This testing is used to identify the father of a child in legal disputes or for immigration issues.  A cheek/buccal swab of the mouth is all it takes for our laboratory to provide definitive proof of relatedness.  Our services are performed in strict accordance with the Uniform Parentage Act for both the public and private sector.  New York State requires a doctor to provide a prescription for DNA testing.  It is included in our pricing. This DNA testing includes:


  • Greater than 99.99% accuracy
  • 10 day turnaround time (for written original report - verbal results available 2 days after lab receives samples)
  • Easy-to-understand results
  • Certified chain-of-custody
  • Customer support
  • Accredited Laboratory


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